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  1. Janell Marie White Puleo
    07/31/09 at 20:07

    Dear Brother And Sister Spell: I have been telling everyone about this website that someone in the church told me about. It is awesome. I was so moved by the Bible Study in 85 of Brother Carl Ballestero on the leprosy. Forgiveness preached by his son was unforgettable. I shed a lot of tears and cried plenty and prayed on both of them. Listening to Brother Steve Mc Mullen tell about its either worldiness or holiness, not conservative or liberal. I am sure this website will grow beyond belief. I commend you for your efforts and bless you.

  2. Jonathon VanSlyke
    08/04/09 at 21:40

    I’ve been blessed beyond measure by the preaching in which this site provides. Thank you so much for the love and dedication to and for the Kingdom of God! I love preaching and so this is my hobby, checking your website very often…
    Thanks again, and may supply all your need, according to His riches in Glory!

  3. SPierce
    04/26/10 at 21:35

    How did you hear about our site? Friend

    Awesome site! Thank you so much for making these sermons available online. This site has truly been a blessing!!!

  4. KIM
    05/07/10 at 23:13

    How did you hear about our site? thru Bro Lyles

    Just want to say that I so much appreciate the message about ” the hedge” it touched my heart, I sat at the comp and wept knowing that the familiar spirits that you talked about has ran thru my family, brothers and sister and parents and others, it is a sad thing what you Bro joiner, had to go thru , I am praying for you and your family, it is a tragedy of what the world could do to somebody, GOD is coming soon and we have to stay away from the hedge, God bless you

  5. Gunnmarit Michelsen
    05/09/10 at 07:54

    How did you hear about our site? Br. Wright put it on facebook

    Very good music and preaching anointed and up building web site God bless

  6. D White
    07/31/10 at 01:07

    How did you hear about our site? Facebook Friend.

    Awesome site..I’m interested to see how far back in time the archives go. Will be great if you have all the old time and also the newer ‘classic’ sermons!! Thanks for providing this media!

  7. Kevin Smith
    08/14/10 at 23:14

    How did you hear about our site? fellow minister

    Elder Groce,
    Thanks for the comments about my Late Pastor. Pastor Shepard was such a Awesome Man Of GOD. He was a Bright Star in our lives and Hearts and always will be. God Bless

  8. Rachelle Wells
    08/18/10 at 23:32

    How did you hear about our site? Facebook

    a person with like minded faith Acts 2:38
    from the worldwide apostolic church of Jesus Christ
    in Houston Tx

  9. Ray Fuller
    09/07/10 at 00:56

    How did you hear about our site? Looking for messages by Verbal Bean

    I was thrilled to find your site with many great messages from great Oneness preachers.

  10. John Carroll
    10/30/10 at 13:15

    How did you hear about our site? facebook

    Please keep the sermons by Elder Roger Evans coming! One of the great bible teachers of all-time.

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