Live Services

For various youth camps and camp meetings Apostolic Classics & Vault will be streaming live.  Here is how to get live streaming on the dates we stream:

Next Live Event: Mid-South Apostolic Men’s Conference 2018 at Grand Marais Ballroom, Jennings, LA. Pastor James Townley & FPC of Jennings hosting. January 12th at 7:20 PM CST and January 13th at 9:55 AM CST.

  See for other live Apostolic Events .

 You will hear nothing until broadcast time.

You can also listen live via telephone, by dialing 641.793.8104.  Press 1 to listen to live sermons. The call–to-listen service is free to you if calling from a mobile phone except T-Mobile and Metro PCS users.


Live Service Link 1    or    Live Service Link 2   or Link 3 or MOBILE DEVICES

2. Or you can use the player below  when we are live, click the play button at center or bottom of box.



3. Another way to get live stream on your iPhone / iPad / Android device download app by clicking here: app on Android click here: app  then  Search for Apostolic Classics in the channels and then click Live Services.